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Potential TV Show on Newspaper Carriers

Looking for interesting characters with entertaining lives to follow with video cameras!
The executive producer that I work for thinks that a TV Show on newspaper carriers would make a great work docu-series. What do you guys think?

I've been sent on a fact finding mission to discover the most challenging routes, the most compelling characters and the better-than-fiction stories that would make a TV Show on newspaper carriers awesome to watch! Does anyone have any recommendations?

paper route

looking for a paper route to make some money in southgate, MI

how do you get a paper route

where can you find one

how do you get a paper route

where can you find one

Where Can I Apply for a Paper Route?

We often get the question, "Where can I apply for a paper route?" so we decided to make an official write up for the question to hopefully provide some answers.

You typically want to start by going to the phone book in your city or in the area you would like to obtain a paper route. The phone book will have a listing for the different departments for the newspaper. You wan to look for a number to the Circulation Department. If a direct number for the Circulation Department is not available, call the paper's main number and ask for the Circulation Department.

Tools of the trade

What are some of the tools i need for a paper route.

Tools of the trade

What are some of the tools i need for a paper route.



Paper Routes and Exercise

Today's youth are still not exercising like they should. There are so many things for them to do besides go outside and play or Lord forbid, get a job like a paper route.

Kids today choose to play their PS3 or Xbox 360 versus going outside and sweating. Why do activities causing real sweat when the characters on the games look so real now that their sweat looks genuine?

Kids could benefit so much from a paper route. They would get to ride their bikes up and down hills, throw the papers, and make a little money while doing it.

Best Life Lesson Ever from a Paper Route

This story has to be the best I ever seen for how a paper route made a significant difference in a kid's life.

Lots of boys had paper routes growing up in Terre Haute, Ind. I started by helping my cousin, Cedric Furry, carry his route.

Cedric did not have parents able to help him with college expenses. He had to support himself, and pay books and tuition as well.

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