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Make Money or Move On!

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Paper Routes and Exercise

Today's youth are still not exercising like they should. There are so many things for them to do besides go outside and play or Lord forbid, get a job like a paper route.

Kids today choose to play their PS3 or Xbox 360 versus going outside and sweating. Why do activities causing real sweat when the characters on the games look so real now that their sweat looks genuine?

Kids could benefit so much from a paper route. They would get to ride their bikes up and down hills, throw the papers, and make a little money while doing it.

I'm Reading "THE PAPER"

I'm Reading "THE PAPER" ( - Yes, I admit it, I still read newspapers. And I spread the wealth, so to speak, by reading a few different ones. Not all at the same time, but on different days. [Latest Paper Route News]

Paper Routes and Holidays

Here is one of the drawbacks of my paper route ... No days off! I had to work each and every day of this Labor Day weekend and I do wish I had the weekend off from my paper route.

I know you are saying it is only a few hours every day, but that few hours each morning means I have to stay in town just for that few hours I have to spend each day delivering my papers. I can't take any long trips out of town because of those couple of hours each morning.

Paper Routes - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Paper routes sure have changed and the purpose here is to expose the good and bad parts of a modern day paper route.

First, the good.

  • Money - Nothing like making some extra cash! If you are looking for some extra cash, no matter how much it is, a paper route could be perfect for you!
  • Time - Not much time involved with rolling and tossing news papers.
  • People - You get the opportunity to meet a lot of people at 3 in the morning. You will be surprised at what everyone does at their "other" jobs.
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