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Wondered if you guys have many bear encounters where you are? I live in NW Pa and have come in close proximity with black bears several times. I admit that I get a little nervous between Mar and Nov. I'm sure the odds of one attacking you is extremely rare, but it is a little intimidating. The bears come looking for birdfeeders and garbage and they don't appear to have any fear of man. I've never been threatened by one, but they don't run away either. I've been within 20ft of a sow and cubs many times. The cubs will usually scamper up a tree. I try to just back away slowly. But it's pretty easy to walk up on one.

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Bears are no joke on my

Bears are no joke on my route. I see one every other month! They look harmless enough, but I report them when I see them. The animal control folks usually will use the tranquilizer and then take the bear back to where it naturally lives. I NEVER feed them! I'm afraid he might want to feed on me once he eats whatever I throw to him.

Never feed a bear. If a

Never feed a bear. If a bear is given food or goes through garbage cans it is a LEARNED behavior & they will be killed if they start doing this as it will never stop-they become immune to humans due to this & will fail to run from people..permanently. I recently encountered a bear on my route, 1st time in 5 4 yrs, lucky me, he tore up everyone's garbage cans the other morning. Another reason we should be paid more or at least hazard pay.

I see bears delivering the

I see bears delivering the paper in the mountains of NC. They don't ever approach my car and usually they run from my car. They look friendly and I want to throw them some of my breakfast, but I see too many signs saying not to feed the bears. LOL!