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being blamed for other's mistakes

being blamed for other's mistakes

I'm becoming very frustrated with my routes, mainly because I'm being blamed for others mistakes. Today I had a missed paper notice. The problem is that this customer is a seasonal subscriber who doesn't get the paper in winter. I never received a restart notice. How can I be blamed for a miss when I was never told to restart?

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The big problem with this job is that the crap runs downhill. The only one the customer blames is the carrier. It's like getting a steak dinner, where the steak itself is lousy, but the service is immpecabble. It is the cook's fault about the steak, but the waitress' tip may suffer due to him, not anything she or he did.

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You are exactly right!! That

You are exactly right!! That has to be the hardest part of being a carrier. And I have seen it get worse and worse over the years as the paper companies look to cut costs wherever they can. They butcher the carriers for every little thing that goes wrong!! Very frustrating when you think you had a good 2 weeks or a good month and you get your paycheck and see a bunch of deductions for things you had no idea about!