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Best Vehicle To Buy

Best Vehicle To Buy

I currently use a 2001 Dodge Intrepid on my route. What cars do you guys use and what type of gas mileage do you get? Is there a consensus on what car is the best to use for a paper route? I currently have 175 customers on average and I drive about 60 miles a day, 7 days a week.

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In order to buy the best

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most paper carriers may not

most paper carriers may not be able to afford it.. but if you can get an electric car like a toyota prius.. it can do wonders!

These cars recharge themselves when you apply the brakes.. they also use elec motor when initially accelerating.. meaning you might use little to no gas at all during your route. Perfect for a paper delivery driver if you can do your own maintenance

I like small cars too. I

I like small cars too. I currently use a Toyota Corolla and it's great. It gets a little stuffy on Sundays, especially special occasion Sundays. But it's a great car for a paper route overall. It gets great gas mileage and has low maintenance costs!

my main cars are mostly

my main cars are mostly Focuses. i'm an enthusiast so i can maintain them myself. buy my new plan as of last year is buy a beater. i currently have a Ford Festiva. if you break it down...
$4000 on a decent reliable car like a focus, when you have mech problems you spend more, and if it's unfixable, too much, or a total loose you're out $4k. or lets say it lasts you 3 years, that's about $100 permonth you've spent on your ride.

but if you have a car now, buy a beater like a metro, festiva, tercel, or anyother drap car that gets great mileage, do some eco modding (mainly wieght reduction). the beater will cost ya bout $500 and will be cheaper to maintain/repair, you'll have a reliable backup, if it's FUBAR you're only out $500. but if that POS lasts you a year you just spent abotu $50 a month on it and the gass savings were well worth it.

i got my Festiva for $300 and drove it all summer and 2x to 2.5x my MPGs. saved me tons. i blew the headgasket on a half state errend, but i'll fix it, it's worth it

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The traits you want in your

The traits you want in your delivery vehicle. Many of our carriers have the Cavalier.

I have a rural Michigan

I have a rural Michigan route and a 2003 Pontiac Vibe that is great in the summer, but horrible in the winter with it's 4 ft snow drifts and 2 ft snow falls. Even worse now with the road commision budget cuts. Any ideas for a decent gas milliage 4 wheel drive or higher AWD? My route is about 89 miles of flat farm country and I carry a full car on Sundays so I need room inside.

I also do a rural Michigan

I also do a rural Michigan route once a week. We recently bought a 4WD 2001 Subaru Forester. It's amazing! It's cut 20 minutes off my route each week (1 hour 40 minutes instead of 2 hours to drive 35 miles). It's nimble, good on gas, and has never gotten stuck in the snow(knock on wood). The roads get plowed, but the snow sometimes piles up worse by the mailboxes, and people forget to shovel them out.