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Best Vehicle To Buy

Best Vehicle To Buy

I currently use a 2001 Dodge Intrepid on my route. What cars do you guys use and what type of gas mileage do you get? Is there a consensus on what car is the best to use for a paper route? I currently have 175 customers on average and I drive about 60 miles a day, 7 days a week.

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Don't use your new Chevy

Don't use your new Chevy Lumina! If you want to see bad gas mileage from a new car, try this one out! I should have been smarter!

fatty hit the nail on the

fatty hit the nail on the head. Small, reliable, and cheap. The traits you want in your delivery vehicle. Many of our carriers have the Cavalier.

re: best vehicle to buy

re: best vehicle to buy

You surely want to dump the

You surely want to dump the Intrepid! That is killing your potential profits. Try getting something small like a Toyota Corolla. If you can find a Toyota Tercel in decent shape, it makes for a great paper route vehicle! Small, gas sipping, and still enough room to deliver a few hundred papers per day.

any gm "j" car (cavalier

any gm "j" car (cavalier sunfire skyhawk) works great. reliable, bulletproof & like a sherman tank in snow. good range of sizes too (2 door, 4 door or wagon for those larger routes!!!) you can find them pretty cheap just about anywhere & the scrap yards are full of 'em when you bang em up or break em!!!