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Found Elderly Customer Under Car on Paper Route

Found Elderly Customer Under Car on Paper Route

This story is about a young man who found an elderly woman under a car while doing his paper route! I bet things like this happen more than we hear about.

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Wayne DeBottis was finishing up his route on a recent Saturday when he noticed something was different at an elderly customer?s house. First, DeBottis saw a bag on the floor. As he walked closer to the house, he saw shoes on the ground. Finally, he saw the garage door was open and under the car was an 81-year-old woman.

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wow,what a

wow,what a story...horrible...
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Driving speaks to autonomy

Driving speaks to autonomy and opportunity, notwithstanding giving versatility, Do My Homework and lawmakers aren't anxious to go up against seniors by influencing driver's-to permit reestablishments more stringent.

Thank you.

Thank you.

The elder customer of the car

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