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How Do You Start A Paper Route

How Do You Start A Paper Route

I am trying to find a paper route for my daughter. She wants to make her own money as my husband and I do not pay her for chores. She is 14 years old and wants to deliver newspapers in our neighborhood. Is it possible to get a paper route where she delivers only in our neighborhood?

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I will attempt to answer

I will attempt to answer your question with a few frequently asked questions I get.How to get a paper route?

Well, you can start this endeavor by calling your local newspaper distributor. This sounds fancy, but you can call any phone number listed on your daily newspaper and they will get you to the right place to talk to the proper people who staff the paper routes in your area.

Can 14 year olds get a paper route?

Sure! I have seen 13 year olds with paper routes. Most of the paper routes for the younger kids are the afternoon routes. If you paper is a morning paper, do you really want them out at 3AM delivering newspapers?

Can you get a paper route delivering only in your area or your apartment building?

In theory, yes, in reality, probably not. Your distributor will probably allow your daughter to take any open route they have as long as it is not too big. However, it may not be in your area if the current carrier in your area is happy with his/her route and has no intention of giving the route up. Talk to your current carrier to see if they are considering giving the route up. It is a good idea to find out why they are giving the route up as well as you would not want your kid walking into a bad job.

Excellent answers. Thanks

Excellent answers. Thanks for all the great information!