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How Much Do Paper Routes Pay

I get this question all the time, "How much do paper routes pay?" I hate to reply with, "well, it depends" because potential carriers immediately lose interest. They want a short, sweet, straight to the point answer, but that answer is not available.

First, there are two great articles on this site that point out just about everything there is to know about getting paid for a paper route:

1. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly -

2. Are Paper Routes Still Profitable -

To get the answer to how much do paper routes pay, you need to talk to carriers in the area in which you want to get a paper route. Rural areas with few customers per mile are going to pay less than areas with lots of customers per mile in densely populated areas.

Also, check to see how much the distributor charges you for the paper versus how much you are charging the customer for the paper. This will be the biggest part of your profit! Gas, supplies, taxes, and the value of your time are all things that will cut into your profit.

So, how much do paper routes pay ... it depends!


i currently have a paper

i currently have a paper route. and i didnt get payed yet. i deliver 41 papers weekly and on weekends i deliver 50 papers. and i do not know what i get payed.

You may have to deliver for

You may have to deliver for 2 weeks, maybe even 1 month before you know what you will be getting paid. The district manager should have been able to give you a rough estimate of your pay though?

Thanks to the writer of this

Thanks to the writer of this editorial. Lots of appealing things here.

thrower, A good resource on


A good resource on this site is in the Tools section. The Profit Calculator and Gas Mileage Calculator are the tools I used to see that I was LOSING money on my paper route! I was in the hole by $0.50 per day. And that was when gas was $2.90! Imagine my losses now with gas at $4.00 per gallon.