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I'm Reading "THE PAPER"

I'm Reading "THE PAPER" ( - Yes, I admit it, I still read newspapers. And I spread the wealth, so to speak, by reading a few different ones. Not all at the same time, but on different days. [Latest Paper Route News]

Have you all noticed a decline in the number of subscribers you have on your paper routes with all the papers giving their papers away online? I have not noticed much of a difference, but my customers are elderly and live in a very rural town. I don't think print papers will completely die any time soon, but could with generation X come up to replace the baby boomers eventually. Generation X is all technology so anything on paper will bore them. Also, the people who are pushing for everything to go green will begin to stop taking paper subscriptions to the newspaper. How long will print papers remain? I say 25 years max but who knows. What will we do once paper routes are obsolete?


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Yeah, papers are dying

Yeah, papers are dying slowly. They are going away slower than I thought they would, but they are going away. The baby boomers are the only new subscribers. Actually they are my only subscribers! I do have some businesses who still take the paper but not many.

I think the paper will be

I think the paper will be extinct in a few more years. I think the 30+ crowd is the end of the paper. Everybody is going to the tablet and phone for everything.