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Oil Changes

Oil Changes

How often do you change your oil in the vehicle you use for your paper route? I thought I could still go 3000 miles because my route was short. However, I am overwhelmed with exhaust fumes every time I stop now. My car is running dirtier and dirtier starting at about 1000 miles after an oil change.

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Changing your car's oil is

Changing your car's oil is very important. That's how to take care of your investment. Keep it up!

I agree, synthetic oil

I agree, synthetic oil doesn't work for older cars. They do have high mileage oils which seem to do well in my older 97 Civic. I don't think the high mileage oil is 100% synthetic though. My car feels like it's doing some sort of slipping when I put pure synthetic in it.

this might be an oldddddd

this might be an oldddddd post.. but be careful with synthetics.. some cars are simply not made for synthetic oil (older cars)

Also if you're making frequent stops and have an automatic transmission.. try keeping it in 2nd gear.. it will keep the RPMs low when youre accelerating, less wear on the transmission and engine

use syntetic (i use Amsoil)

use syntetic (i use Amsoil) it'll extend your intervals and not break down as quick. is my oil dealer, all via the mail

You should probably drop

You should probably drop down to every 1500 miles, maybe even every 1000 miles since you are doing a lot of stop and go. This type of driving will breakdown your oil faster than normal driving or highway driving.

You probably want to make sure your transmission and/or clutch/differential are all in good shape as well. U turns, stop and go, and reverse over and over and over will begin to wear on your transmission.

Very good post, thanks a

Very good post, thanks a lot.