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Make Money or Move On!

Paper Route Profit Calculator

Have you ever wondered just how much money you are making from your paper route? Sure you get a check in the mail, automatically deposited into your bank account, or cash in hand after monthly collections. But how much money did you really make? Use the Paper Route Profit Calculator to find out how much money you are truly making.

Your Customer Information
Number of Customers on Mondays:
Number of Customers on Tuesdays:
Number of Customers on Wednesdays:
Number of Customers on Thursdays:
Number of Customers on Fridays:
Number of Customers on Saturdays:
Number of Customers on Sundays:
Vehicle Expenses (USD)
Monthly Vehicle Maintenance Expenses (Oil Change, Tires, etc): $
Current Gas Price: $
How Many Miles Per Gallon Does Your Vehicle Get: MPG
How Long is Your Route in Miles: Miles
How Long Does It Take To Complete Your Route Daily: Hrs
Your Supply Expenses (USD).
Enter the price of the supplies, and then enter the number of times you have to purchase the supply each month.
Supply Price Quantity Purchased Monthly
Supplies (Bags) $ X
Supplies (Rubber Bands) $ X
Supplies (Other) $ X
Supplies (Other) $ X
Gross Earnings From Your Paper Route (USD)
How Much Is Your Gross Earnings: Miles