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Make Money or Move On!

Paper Routes and Exercise

Today's youth are still not exercising like they should. There are so many things for them to do besides go outside and play or Lord forbid, get a job like a paper route.

Kids today choose to play their PS3 or Xbox 360 versus going outside and sweating. Why do activities causing real sweat when the characters on the games look so real now that their sweat looks genuine?

Kids could benefit so much from a paper route. They would get to ride their bikes up and down hills, throw the papers, and make a little money while doing it.


I really so much lucky for

I really so much lucky for having paper routes and exercise routes. Every story you must follow for understanding essay writing online resources. Then everyone will get the reports and essay content articles.

I would really like this job

I would really like this job to show my parents they can count on me.I would like to know how much I might make and when I can start.

I have been delivering

I have been delivering starting at about 4am in the mornings and I walk all my apartment deliveries and all my business deliveries. I have lost 15 pounds in 6 months! I'm excited and look forward to getting out each morning delivering the papers!

Congrats! :) Brian

Congrats! :)


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