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Paper Routes and Holidays

Here is one of the drawbacks of my paper route ... No days off! I had to work each and every day of this Labor Day weekend and I do wish I had the weekend off from my paper route.

I know you are saying it is only a few hours every day, but that few hours each morning means I have to stay in town just for that few hours I have to spend each day delivering my papers. I can't take any long trips out of town because of those couple of hours each morning.

Newspaper distribution centers should be responsible for providing reliable backups. And the substitutes should be plentiful enough that ANY day a regular carrier wants off he should be able to take it off. Instead, we have to get the handful of subs' schedules and plan around their schedules. And then the substitute carriers will rob with their excessive charges for a day or two of delivering. You must provide bags, rubber bands, and tax free advanced pay! And on top of that, you get charged for any deliveries they miss AND you get fired if they miss too many deliveries.

Enough of my moaning and groaning. No holidays off and no holiday pay (except tips at Christmas). Think long and hard before you enter this line of work!


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I love my paper route, but

I love my paper route, but this is probably the biggest downer. You can't take any weekends off unless you can find a good substitute. We get charged for sub mistakes, so I almost never get a sub. Someone should come up with a good sub system so we can take more days off.

I know the feeling! I was

I know the feeling! I was up this morning at 2:30am and didn't finish my route until 5:30am. Sure it's only 3 hours, but it totally kills your day. I like the extra money from the route but these types of inconveniences are killing me. Substitutes are the worse with paper routes. I believe obtaining a sub is worse than having to work on Christmas or any other major holiday.