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Paper Routes for Kids are Like Pets

Kids are so funny. My daughter begged and begged for a paper route. She hadn't begged for something this much since she begged for a puppy.

Well, just like the puppy I bought for her, the paper route was abandoned as well. I took the route over since it put a few extra bucks in the family bill pot. It also provides an opportunity to write off some expenses associated with the route.

What is funny is that about half the other carriers I see every morning say their kids did the same thing. All were glad they were introduced to paper routes though. Many express the best part being the people the meet and the tax write offs.


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My daughter loves her route

My daughter loves her route and loves the little bit of money she makes. She's only 9 and 200 bucks a month looks like a lot of money to her. I'm glad she likes it and likes to do work to earn her money. I hope she doesn't get caught up looking for the get rich quick jobs. She's learning valuable business lessons too. I was so proud of her when she cut off her first customer a few months back. She said they hadn't paid for two months and ordering that extra paper for someone who was never going to pay for it was costing her money. LOL!