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Paperroute Damaged My Car

Paperroute Damaged My Car

Is there anything that can be done about my paperroute damaging my car?

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I have to travel through neighborhoods and apartment complexes with speedbumps. I go over at least 25 every morning. Now, the mechanic says my frame is bent on my car and a few of my rims are warped.

What can I do to get my car repaired without damaging my pocketbook heavily?

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You must have the proper

You must have the proper insurance coverage on your car which will increase your premiums. Many insurance companies are going to charge you at business rates since you are using the vehicle for a business.

I hit a customer's mailbox and my insurance fixed their mailbox and my car, but the premiums are higher. Get full coverage on your vehicle and you could be ok. It is probably cheaper than business insurance on your vehicle.

You may be out of luck

You may be out of luck unless you have insurance that is specifically for your car being damaged while working. This type of insurance usually makes your premiums higher but seems to be in order for your situation.