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Make Money or Move On!

Potential TV Show on Newspaper Carriers

Looking for interesting characters with entertaining lives to follow with video cameras!
The executive producer that I work for thinks that a TV Show on newspaper carriers would make a great work docu-series. What do you guys think?

I've been sent on a fact finding mission to discover the most challenging routes, the most compelling characters and the better-than-fiction stories that would make a TV Show on newspaper carriers awesome to watch! Does anyone have any recommendations?


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Me and my girlfriend run two

Me and my girlfriend run two routes averaging 120 miles per morning. we started in oct of 2014 with a 100 mile route in NC for a VA based paper. added a second route by the end of Jan. I have set brakes on fire in a caravan and lost a transmission due to being stuck in the snow. My city route is dense short and relativly quick paced I am in and out of the car like an OCD door hinge tester. Many requests for porched papers in a very hilly area of town also a very poor area of town. The same house somehow caught fire two days in a row on my city route. I have had my brake rotors glowing like a formula one race car. apparently high speed to low speed transitions are not what a 5000 lbs caravan was designed for. When I started I was literally donating plasma to pay for the routes fuel. I have had drug dealers stop me thinking I was a buyer lol.
"Nope, just on route have a nice day". I have had cameras in hand to log deliveries and stake out my racks for theft of sunday papers.

Mount cameras magnetically to what ever vehicle i am using at the time and You could get some good footage lol. Carriers have no time so get used to messy homes. I have about 60 carrier collect customers so imagine trying to communicate with all sorts of people setting up payment. I have had a narcoleptic episode while pulling into a convienent store parking spot and actually bumped into the store shocking the heck out of the manager and clerk. lol

I have done many jobs in my life. I worked in the HVAC field for about 20 years as a install and service tech and lead man also other feilds in construction computer repair and others. This by far has been the most personally challenging due to the contractual obligations and the way the companies handle things. There seems to be a war silent as it may be between the press and the route.

I have not been delivering

I have not been delivering long and my route is not nearly as long as yours, but I am noticing a mess starting to accumulate in my apartment. This show would have been interesting to see!!! In my short time delivering, I have seen at least 10 naked women! 1st floor or ground level buildings, blinds up, lights on while they are dressing. Amazing!

Once you got your route down

Once you got your route down it get's boring, and you can do it in your sleep. Dodging bunnies and the odd coyote that smashes into your bumper and the drunk drivers you need to watch out for. Never saw a naked woman but I did see some crazy drunks.

Can't deal with the captcha

I have a 100 mile route in

I have a 100 mile route in rural Montana.
For being "out in the sticks" I have many stories to tell.
I have been almost hit head-on, intentionally; because the driver thought my brights were on.
I have had to stop for elk herd crossing on 4 points of my route.
Just the other day, a drunk chased me throughout my route area for almost 15 miles.
I've seen deer,elk,rabbits,foxes,cougars,wolves,bear; and even saw a wild boar.(not native to Montana).

There are times when I have to drive up to 3 times the legal speed limit, even on dirt roads...I feel like a race car driver.

Keep it up!! You have done

Keep it up!! You have done the nice job having provided the latest information.

Delivery is a hard job. I've

Delivery is a hard job. I've read all kinds of customer complaints.
Your out of pocket expenses for supplies rubber bands, bags etc.
The wear and tear on your vehicles, brakes,tires, not to mention gas prices.
I understand some of you even work seven days a week.

The reason I'm interested. I have the perfect win, win scenario for all of us.
The steps are simple. I attach via email my professionally printed high impact
single page FSI(Free Standing insert). You place my inserts in with your
newspaper inserts. My inserts for your area will be individually coded to you.
When the customer calls in to the center to participate in the offer
they use your code to activate the offer and my account shows payment.
I pay you instantly. I will pay you through Netspend or Paypal.
Currently I prefer Netspend they have more limited time special offers running.

I have coded literature ready to email to you everyone.
No hitch or additional strings attached. You insert. Customer calls. I pay.
I have a lot more nationally recognized providers lined up.
As long a you keep placing the inserts I'll keep paying $25-$50-$75
Per customer. How much i pay depends on what I have negoatiated with
the provider and the response I get from your area.
Please post for all of your carriers and if they have linkin or twitter
accounts feel free to circulate the info nationwide. These are national
sponsors. big names willing to pay you a much bigger piece of the pie.
Are you interested ?