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Make Money or Move On!

Potential TV Show on Newspaper Carriers

Looking for interesting characters with entertaining lives to follow with video cameras!
The executive producer that I work for thinks that a TV Show on newspaper carriers would make a great work docu-series. What do you guys think?

I've been sent on a fact finding mission to discover the most challenging routes, the most compelling characters and the better-than-fiction stories that would make a TV Show on newspaper carriers awesome to watch! Does anyone have any recommendations?


Your contents provide me a

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Every carrier here is

Every carrier here is interested in more money per route but as far as I know bypassing the newspapers contracted advertizing is against the contract most of us sign. They will bond the carrier and probably sue the carrier for something like this. Technically, being that we buy the sleeves and cover all cost of the routes what we put in the bags we buy should be up to us as long as it doesnt interfere with the papers business or advertizers sales. but They would definately frown upon this. I plan on sending out a customer satisfaction survey they dont like the idea of that either because it will show them their complaints are bogus. I know how bogus it is because I actually communicate with my customers.

Nothing's finer than being

Nothing's finer than being in Carolina! Charlotte, NC is where the action is on paper routes. Naked rich women, kids sneaking around humping in cars, crimes committed when folks think no one is looking, etc. You guys will get a great show!

KEY WEST, 90 miles from

KEY WEST, 90 miles from Cuba!
Welcome to our world.

Texas is where you need to

Texas is where you need to be! Hot so we always have our windows down and we can hear and see everything at 4am! You would be hella surprised at what you see!

There are many characters

There are many characters out there delivering papers. And the things you see on a route can be pretty amazing and surprising. From exotic animals ready to attack to naked women waiting on the paper delivery man to show up (and attack LOL), you will see it all if you are on a route long enough!