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set a new tip record this xmas

set a new tip record this xmas

I'm happy and fortunate to report that I set a new high for Xmas tips on my 68 paper carrier route. $395.00! I'm very thankful to my customers. One thing I do is be sure and put a thank you card in with their papers, the very next day. My previous high was $365.00.

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I just have to bragg a

I just have to bragg a little. I did $5500.00 in tips this Christmas season. I do have at this point 950 current customers that deliver to daily and weekends.

Wow, 5500 bucks in tips is

Wow, 5500 bucks in tips is truly amazing!!! Congratulations! I am trying to build my route up to your number of customers or more. It is great to see carriers doing so well!

These types of actions

These types of actions during the holidays is what keeps me going. Congrats on such a high number!! I got $225 and I am very thankful for my customers. I don't get too many complaints and if I miss somebody, they call me directly instead of reporting it to the office where the office will charge me double for the paper!

Good luck in 2012 with your route!