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I am a carrier out of springfield, ma. me and other cariers are trying to find software to hlp keep track of customers who pay, ect. we know of pro carrier and thats it but where looking for better software

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I have made an android app

I have made an android app for paper carriers. I would like to know what you guys would like incorporated into it. I made this for my route and find it very helpful, but i dont understand by what you mean by keeping track of pay. I made a spot in the app to keep track of each customers tips and complaints, well if you dont mind, try it out and let me know how I can improve it.

I tried QuickBooks Pro ...

I tried QuickBooks Pro ... WOW!!!!! The software is phenomenal, but you must have some accounting skills to get the darn thing setup. I am limping along still but it does receipts, invoices, etc. Maybe intuit will come out with a version of QuickBooks for carriers that will have all the accounts already setup.

I am a Carrier and also have

I am a Carrier and also have worked with computers for many years. I am currently working on a system for automating alot of my clerical tasks. How many peole here would be interested in paying a fair amount for a completed system I am planning on basing it on linux and using libre office and similar to basically make a modifiable system using a database system I am building when complete it will help me keep track of all customer and rack info and other circulars also financial projections and such an all inclusive NPR Manager software system The method I am using is basically just going to be custom files for redily available opensource apps with customized lightweight linux distro maybe a live disc so you can boot without an actual HDD maybe and just use a flash stick to save to. It will also be used to print out custom reports and billing statements birthday cards if I can get that info from thre customers and christmas cards and such basically a personal touch to increase customer satisfaction with the carrier also reminders for customers wh orequest it. that way all print jobs are automated all i have to do is collect the stack of prints and insert.

Unfortunately, I think Pro

Unfortunately, I think Pro Carrier might be the only thing out there right now. I use an Excel spreadsheet which is pretty bad and pretty clumsy. But that's the best I have come up with so far.