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Tools of the trade

What are some of the tools i need for a paper route.


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I am wondering what would be

I am wondering what would be a good car for this job? I have been doing a paper route for the past 2 months that is less than 40 miles a day and like 6 miles of that route is this really hard sand bumpy road, harsh on many cars. The sand gets all over the engine and I'm sure it messes up the cat. I currently been doing it on a 2000 Subaru Outback but it has many problems now including that head gasket leak :( The Subaru does well in that road and I have no idea how that thing still runs doing that everyday! I was looking another car, I was interested in a Subaru Forester xt but it's not good on gas and I don't want to spend half my check on fuel. I'm interested in a 2008 Subaru Impreza outback sport looks nice and I believe it's better on gas than the regular Outback. Any suggestions?

I recently started and I am

I recently started and I am so glad I have a car that does not use a lot of gas. I have a honda civic and she is still getting over 30mpg. I was surprised it still gets good mileage with all the stop and go required with my route.

I just got hired today, I was

I just got hired today,

I was provided with a carrier bag, of course I'll need to fill it up like 4 times but I have all small residential routes, including the street I live on, so it's good.

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You will need something to

You will need something to deliver the papers. Your car or bike or walk if it's a small route. That should be the only required tool.

Delivering early in the morning, a flashlight has come in handy for me. If there are a bunch of dogs, deer, etc in your area, you might want to pick up some mase.

i want a paper route and am

i want a paper route and am not sure what i need???what do i need??