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unfriendliness among fellow collectors

unfriendliness among fellow collectors

Though I'm glad to say it hasn't happened on this forum, I find my fellow carries are not very friendly in person. I thought it would be more of a fraternity where we could commisserate and swap stories. I barely get a nod hello, when I see another carrier out. Maybe it's a competative thing, like I got my route and I'd like yours too. Who knows.

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Many times I'm too tired to

Many times I'm too tired to socialize at 2am, I just want my papers and get right out there to deliver so I can go back to bed. Same with my other fellow carriers waiting at the drop off. Sometimes I cannot obtain a sub so I may be out there with the flu, stomach virus, fever, and a few times morning sickness. 2 through 6am really isn't the ideal time for many to suddenly become miss congeniality, people are tired, overworked, sleepy, sick etc. One woman showed up the day after her son's funeral, she wasn't much into talking...some people just have things going on that don't warrant discussion at 3am.

I thought the same thing.

I thought the same thing. Maybe it is because everybody is up early in the morning. I have a few older people I see in the mornings who are always smiling having fun. But most of the middle age and younger folks do not have friendly looks on their faces in the mornings.

I'm a district manager and I

I'm a district manager and I notice that carriers in my area don't really speak to each other much. Sometimes it's hard for a carrier who is going to be out to find a replacement carrier. They often have to overpay to get someone to take their routes.