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what has made your job easier?

what has made your job easier?

Have you discovered any little tricks or shortcuts to make things easier on your route? One thing I tried today was on my Sat papers(with insert section),whereas before, I would cut the bands on my bundles and get the inserts all going in same direction(I keep them in a rubbermaid tote on front seat), today, I just put the bundles in the tote with the bands still on and cut them as a needed to. I like the new way, because even though the papers are bundled some facing in, others out, the band, even after you cut it, still holds it's shape and keeps the ads from falling out all over.

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You have to make the steps so

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I too had to stop bagging the

I too had to stop bagging the papers. I only bag or rubber band the special requests on my route. I fold the papers and slide them into the paper box beside the mailbox. Saves at least an hour on my route. And even more time on Sundays!

For me, I MUST wrap all the

For me, I MUST wrap all the papers before I get started. The car is usually too dark once I get started to do any bundling, bagging, rubber banding, etc.

I have all my special request customers in a separate pile. Some people want double bags, double rubber band, etc so I can reach in the special pile and grab one really quick.

At my location, many drivers have hired people to come in and roll or bag the papers for them every day. All they do is deliver. If you can find people to work at a decent price this may be an option to ease your route.

For my route I stopped

For my route I stopped bagging/rubber banding for the tubes & only wrap for driveways. As for a system in the car, I don't have one, never did. I usually tie up all papers before I start out so I can just fling em all out the window quickly & zip through the route, sometimes I use those plastic ties around the bundles so I can hang the bags off the rearviewmirror, come in handy & makes things go by quickly.