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When is the Best Time to Start a New Paper Route

I get this question a lot from teens and adults looking to start their first paper route. The answer is, of course, it depends.

If you are looking to get the most bang for your buck as an adult and claim the most deductions on your taxes, you need to start as early in the year as possible. Starting in January will give you time to build up expenses for gas, mileage, automobile maintenance, newspaper supplies, etc.

However, if you are an adult who is not worried about tax deductions, or a teen who can't claim the deductions, then starting in September or October would be ideal. This gives you time to learn your route and get your customers to like and trust you. Around Christmas time, the tips are much larger than any other time of the year. You will have a few more special requests to hold papers on certain days due to vacations and travel, but it will be well worth it. I have never had a November/December special request go by without receiving a HUGE tip for it. People are more generous during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday seasons and if you have treated them well with on-time deliveries to the special spot the customer likes to receive the paper, you will be rewarded! That is right rewarded, not just awarded.

Any time is a great time to start a paper route and it is a great experience. If you are looking for maximizing your tax benefits, start as early in the year as possible to help on next year's taxes. For those not worried about taxes, starting in the 2nd half of the year is fine or even waiting until the 4th quarter of the year is not too late. Get a route and share your experiences with us.


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