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Where Can I Apply for a Paper Route?

We often get the question, "Where can I apply for a paper route?" so we decided to make an official write up for the question to hopefully provide some answers.

You typically want to start by going to the phone book in your city or in the area you would like to obtain a paper route. The phone book will have a listing for the different departments for the newspaper. You wan to look for a number to the Circulation Department. If a direct number for the Circulation Department is not available, call the paper's main number and ask for the Circulation Department.

Another way to locate paper routes in your area is to get a copy of the paper for which you wish to be a carrier. The paper will have important numbers for the newspaper listed in the same position every day. Some papers put the contact info for the paper on the front page while others may place the contact info for the paper in the classifieds.

Many newspapers are coming into the digital age and making much of their information available online. Go to the paper's website and look for the Contact link. There may also be a Jobs link, but we have noticed many newspapers do not post carrier positions on their websites for one reason or another. The Contact link should provide information for contacting the Circulation Department for the paper.

Once you have located the Circulation Department for
the newspaper, let them know you would like to be a carrier and they will begin the process of getting you started with a route if one is available.


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You like really gotta say more. thats alot of Info... but we need to know what the age limit is and all of that crap cuz I really want this job. Im 13 years old!

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