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? for ypradmin

? for ypradmin

My question is for you as a district manager. I understand that we as carriers are independent contractors and as such, are responsible for getting subs. However,I would like to know who delivers your papers if 2 or 3 or more carriers quit at once? I would think it would have to be a DM or someone employed by the paper.

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If this is the case, doesn't it make much more sense to sub in for a carrier on rare occasions then to discharge him from the route completely? I'm saying, have a system where after a carrier works say at least 1 full year without missing, give him 1 day where the newspaper will see that the deliveries are made. I know it's not the job of the DM to do routes for carriers. But if a carrier quits or gets injured, the papers still have to be gotten out until a permanent replacement is found.

Most newspaper delivery

Most newspaper delivery setups are the same. I too am pretty amazed to see that they system has changed very little in all my years of being in the system. Substitute delivery people has always been a hot topic at my paper, but nothing has changed in over a decade. Subs, vacation, etc are all the same, I want to say always has been, always will be???? No subs, no vacation, etc. I would love to see the system change but it's going to be really tough for papers to make a change now with a bad economy and with the printed paper slowly becoming a dinosaur.

Your assumption is correct

Your assumption is correct in my paper's case. If we have multiple carriers not show up or quit on the same day, a DM will usually deliver the paper for them. In my paper's case, it's in the contract that the DM charges more to deliver your papers than a sub you find yourself. It really pays to befriend someone who can deliver your papers for you at a reasonable rate for those days when you need to take off. Some carriers go into the red because they miss a day or two a month delivering on their route.